Month: February 2009

8 billion ways to use Baconnaise

Lots of awesome ideas and suggestions for Baconnaise on I Hate My Message Board, which is giving away a free..

Operation Bacon Salt Update – Pics from the VAQ-133 Wizards

As you may recall we got an email recently from a soldier named Eric from Whidbey Island serving in Afghanistan. His subject..

How to get free Baconnaise for a year

We’re working hard on expanding our distribution for Baconnaise. The conventional wisdom in the grocery industry is that “flavored mayonnaise..

The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich Experiment

The other day, we got an email from a Bacon Salt customer named Kelly. It read as follows: I have..

Operation Bacon Salt coupon code

It appears that several online coupon/deal-of-the-day sites have recently published a coupon code for our website that is intended exclusively..

Operation Bacon Salt Update – San Diego Marines Get to Bring Home Bacon

We got one of the best notes we’ve gotten from a Marine spouse in San Diego. Her husband Damien, a..

Most recent reviews of Baconnaise

We’ve now established that Baconnaise should not be eaten on a sausage on a stick rolled in a blueberry pancake…

Baconnaise Recipe: Ultimate Baconnaise Burger

Barbecue season is around the corner, and if you haven’t had Baconnaise on a burger, you definitely need to this..