Most recent reviews of Baconnaise

We’ve now established that Baconnaise should not be eaten on a sausage on a stick rolled in a blueberry pancake. But when you use it on sandwiches (turkey and BLT’s are our favorites), deviled eggs, tuna salad, potato salad, crab dip, etc. – the way it was intended to be used! – this is what you get:

Geek Monthly magazine

Could possibly be the best condiment ever invented. Sorry, ketchup. (102 out of 100 score)


Hungry Girl
True the name “Baconnaise Lite” is a bit of an oxymoron, but go with it. This bacon-flavored mayo spread is INSANELY delicious (and vegetarian-friendly!). We’ve used it on wraps, mixed it with tuna, and even dunked our “Lord of the Onion Rings” in it. Next we’re going to take it ice skating and propose to it.
It’s my new favorite thing. I mean, why eat regular mayonnaise ever again, when one can enjoy the savory roundedness of Baconnaise?


The Onion AV Club

— “I’d say this is an unmitigated success. I can’t think of anything I would put bacon on that I wouldn’t substitute this in for. Makes the turkey sandwich taste like smoked turkey. A very tasty spread.”

— “The deviled eggs are a real winner. Your guests will be scratching their heads about how you injected bacon essence in these little gems

Mad Meat Genius

 This new product is a winner. The blending of mayonnaise and bacon was brilliant. Eating this product straight out of the jar as a meal would not be far fetched. Baconnaise would be great in dips and salads. The possibilities are endless.
I Hate My Message Board
The baconnaise made it all worth it. It was smoky! It was rich! It was bacon-y! It was as if somebody scraped off my favorite parts of the BLT and whirred it in a blender and put it in a jar.
baconnaise is a miracle. Baconnaise rocks the knee-high socks off a Catholic school girl.
Ali Thinks
I finished a jar in 9 days. That’s how much I liked it!
BBQ Brethren
On the egg salad it rocked. Tried it on a simple piece of celery. It was very good.
I Heart Bacon Salt (Aaron T)
When eating Baconaise out of the jar with your fingers, it may be very tempting to eat your finger.  Please don’t do it.  We think they need a warning on the jar.
There are a lot more reviews like these out there, we’ll continue to post them as we get them!