The Origins of Lucky Number 3 in Gambling Online

3 is one of the most popular numbers used for players in Keno or Togel Hk of gambling online as the lucky number to win the game. Lucky numbers are so important in gambling and people always use them whenever they play something related to it such as Keno or Togel HK. One of the most popular numbers in gambling online is 3. Not many people know why “3” becomes the lucky number beside 7 or 8. Basically, 3 are connected to the bad things in some ways but since it has so many histories behind, it becomes the lucky number in gambling and people use it anytime when they gamble.

Some Histories About Number 3 in Gambling Online

Perhaps, you think 7 is the luckiest number in the world and people use it for gambling online but you can’t underestimate the power of 3. Sometimes, 3 is related to the bad luck actually in certain event. When there is a race, the umpire will count to the 3. Perhaps, you have also heard about the 3 wishes granted by the genie, the 3 musketeers, 3 little pigs and more. You will also know about the 3 different stages of life such as Beginning, middle and end, past, present and future as well as birth, life and death.

3 can be related to anything in your life. While 7 has been considered for long time as the world’s famous and favorite number, 3 may come in the second place and it is shown in almost everything from engineering, architecture, religion and others. The most popular example for this number found in the Christianity which is the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. However, those things are the references found in the Bible. According to the Bible, the wise men celebrated the birth of Jesus and they gave the infant Jesus 3 gifts.

Beside that, the Christ also resurrected 3 people in His ministry and 3 people including Jesus were crucified and He was also resurrected from the death after 3 days. However, 3 don’t only belong to the Christianity only because 3 can be found in Greek mythology also and it was related to the 3 famous Gods who ruled different worlds. The first one was Zeus who was the God that ruled the sky. The second was Poseidon who was the God that ruled the sea and the last one is Hades who was the God that ruled underworld.

Beside that, there are still many things about Greek mythology which are related to number 3 such as the Cerberus which was the dog with 3 heads to guard the underworld and more. Every country or even every region has its own story about 3 and when you think clearly again about this number; you may find a lot around you without realizing it. No wonder if there are many people use 3 as their one of the choices made for Keno and also Togel HK.