We’ve officially gone too far

A couple of years ago, we played a little April Fool’s joke on you and the rest of the bacon-loving world by introducing a mythical product called baconlube. Turns out that the joke was on us – to our surprise, a lot of you actually wanted us to make this as a real product.

People harassed us via email, in public and in highly inappropriate ways (thanks for that).  The baconlube waiting list grew to thousands of people.  Expectations were built, and despite our intentions to keep this as a joke, we had to deliver.

Some but certainly not all of you will be happy to know that after 3 years of development and countless lives ruined, baconlube is REAL. J&D’s baconlube is water-based, proudly Made in America and is the gold standard of meat flavored massage oils.

We only made a very small quantity of this pork-flavored nectar – less than what was on the waiting list actually as we weren’t quite convinced that you really wanted this – so it’s available while supplies last.  You can buy baconlube at www.baconlube.com.

Just Keep It Sizzlin’ with baconlube. They’ll be bacon for more.