New Invention! Sriracha Popcorn

A few months ago, we heard from one of our favorite defenders of reason, bacon and impeccable grammar, The Oatmeal. It turns out that we have something in common with The Oatmeal besides an intense love for bacon – our fiery food mistress is the Rooster.

Which is why we couldn’t wait to team up with him on our newest invention – Sriracha Popcorn. It’s a Thai-inspired kick-in-the-face with red chilies, garlic, sugar and a hint of vinegar. Just like the Rooster Sauce that inspired it, we think you’ll find yourself getting as addicted to it as we are.

Buy it on the J&D’s website for only $5.99, or save money by buying it in a 3-pack or 18-pack case. You can also buy it direct from and bundle in a very instructive guide to punching a dolphin in the mouth (we read this after watching The Cove and are pretty confused about life right now) plus loads of other incredible Sriracha and non-Sriracha themed merchandise.

Supplies are very limited – so get some Roostercorn while you can!