Operation Bacon Salt Update – Pics from the VAQ-133 Wizards

As you may recall we got an email recently from a soldier named Eric from Whidbey Island serving in Afghanistan. His subject line was “can’t get enough bacon” – he had us at bacon. The text of his email was as follows:

Hi, my name is AMC(AW) Eric W. stationed with VAQ-133 “Wizards”. We are a Navy unit stationed out of Whidbey Island, Washington currently in Bagram, Afghanistan. I have heard of your product through the Mens Rooms show on 99.9 KISW and have been trying to get some ever since. I currently have not had the pleasure of trying it but the guys on the Mens Room swear up and down that it is one of the greatest experiences in the world. Our command flies the EA-6B Prowler which is used for Jamming enemy radars and listening in to the enemy. We would be honored and excitied to be selected to be your unit of the month. Our command may not be the biggest over here but we pack one of the biggest punches in the area and make some of the biggest impacts for the ground troops.

Here’s to hearing from you hopefully and thanking you for your support of our military. Because of companies like you it makes what we do here feel even more important.

They finally got their Bacon Salt, and it sounds like they’re loving it. Here are some pictures from Afghanistan from Eric and his unit. Thanks for sharing and please remember our troops! If you’re interested in supporting Operation Bacon Salt (we get a lot of questions about this) we now have koozies available for sale on our website. All of the proceeds will go directly to delivering Bacon Salt and Baconnaise to troops serving in bacon-less countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.