8 billion ways to use Baconnaise

Lots of awesome ideas and suggestions for Baconnaise on I Hate My Message Board, which is giving away a free 3 pack of Baconnaise (regular or lite): http://ihatemymessageboard.com/2009/02/05/baconnaise-a-review-and-a-contest/

Some of our favorites:

  • Deviled eggs
  • Tuna sandwiches
  • Latkes (these are Jewish potato pancakes – Baconnaise would be a very “sacrilicious” addition)
  • bacony ranch dressing to put on a salad and for a dip for fried mushrooms
  • I would lather it on a wrap with tomato & lettuce!
  • I would also use it in place of mayo, making egg salad, I bet that is tantalizing!
  • I would also enjoy this as a dip with the bacon wrapped jalepenos!
  • At this point all I can tell you is that I must have some.
    I do think baconnaise spread on pizza dough, topped with tomatoes and cheese and then put in a hot oven for ten minutes would be awesome though.
  • My favorite food is grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches. This can only be improved with addition of baconnaise. In fact, I think I need to do this even if the baconnaise is not free. Would it be wrong to dip bacon in it? Yeah, that would probably be wrong… :shifty eyes:
  • Cook’s Illustrated has a wonderful Cauliflower Gratin recipe. I’d 86 the fresh thyme and add the baconnaise to the creamy cheese sauce, fold in the blanched cauliflower, and then top with the buttered bread crumbs.
  • Pasta salad hasn’t been mentioned yet, has it? The only things I can think of that might not be good with bacon flavor would be fruit or chocolate, and even then I’m not positive.
  • Could you imagine this in potato salad? Yummae. You’re Southern so I trust you know how to make it.
  • I’d mix with cream then churn in an icecream machine until frozen and serve as a savoury banana split with battered deep fried bananas and grilled corn wheels drizzled with apple syrup.
  • I would use as a substitute for mayo in my world famous garlic bread: Sourdough bread, speread with butter and copiuos garlic. Add layer of Baconnaise. Top with Parmesan, garnish with chopped fresh parsley – Pop it under the broiler until bubbly golden brown.
  • I’d use Baconaise all over my body.
  • What about on pancakes? And yes, I am completely serious. Just don’t go overboard. A dab of baconnaise on a pancake, and then butter on top of that. Lastly comes the maple syrup… mmmm hmmm!
  • I would definitely smear it on an Amoroso roll and top it with cheesesteak. Mayo and bacon are both delicious on cheesesteaks.Ooooo, you could mix this into mashies or coat potatoes and roast them! Baconnaise sounds like it would be an awesome glaze on chicken or pork too.
  • I would try it on a fried egg sandwich. Toast, fried egg, cheese, and baconnaise. Or pasta salad with shells and tomatoes. Maybe in potato salad with red skin potatoes and fresh herbs with some baconnaise. I would also try it on grilled corn on the cob and then sprinkle on some parmesan cheese and lime juice. The possibilities are endless with baconnaise!
  • I’d use baconnaise to make some delicious baconny pimento cheese!
  • I’d cut the baconnaise with sour cream, probably about half and half, and use it to dip just about anything in it. Tortilla chips, pretzels, or if that was too salty then some celery and carrots.
  • I had a dream about Baconaise last night – this product is genius!

    I had another idea too. I bet this would make a wonderful meatloaf. I use egg to help hold my meatloaf together, and I have substituted mayo for the egg in the past. Baconaise in the meatloaf instead? Heaven!

  • I’d use baconaise for a good old fashioned TX Jalapeno burger baby!
  • Mmmm…can’t you just see using this on toast with this summer’s tomatoes? I’m salivating!
  • Definitely on my homemade sweet potato fries.

    We usually use a homemade adobo aioli, but bacon mayonnaise with my perfectly herbed, crispy savory roasted on the outside, sweet, creamy and tender on the inside sweet potato fries sounds like perfection indeed.

  • Just imagine… Baked spinach artichoke dip with Baconnaise spread on bread, crackers, dipped by chips, on a sandwich, baked on fish, chicken, the list just goes on and on! Now I’m hungry.

The list goes on, there are lots more great suggestions. This is going to make for a busy weekend! We can’t wait to try some of them. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest and to Tracy at IHMMB.