How to get free Baconnaise for a year

We’re working hard on expanding our distribution for Baconnaise. The conventional wisdom in the grocery industry is that “flavored mayonnaise doesn’t sell.” Yes, but they’ve never tried Baconnaise, we say. And we’ve (literally) sold a ton of it! More importantly, people seem to really love it.

Here’s an easy way to get a whole bunch of what you love – while making it easier to find for you and your friends. For a limited time, if you get Baconnaise into a store near you, you’ll get free Baconnaise for a year. “How do I do that?” you might be asking. It’s pretty simple actually. Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Talk to your local store manager on your next shopping trip. They’re usually really friendly, and if you ask them to carry something they will either get it on their shelves or figure out who to talk with to do so. If they need someone to contact, they can email us at or call us at 866-692-3980.
  • Fill out a comment card requesting Baconnaise.
  • Find the website for the retailer you shop at most – for instance, or – and send them some feedback.  People actually do forward emails and customer requests on, and if they get enough of them, things can happen!
  • Shoot us an email at with what you did, and we’ll keep it on file if we ever get on the shelves! In addition, if you see it on a shelf where you requested it, we may not know it’s there if it goes through a distributor, so do let us know.

We are also happy to call stores you recommend. Thanks for your help, and viva la Baconnaise revolucion!