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New Invention! Sriracha Popcorn

A few months ago, we heard from one of our favorite defenders of reason, bacon and impeccable grammar, The Oatmeal. It..

Help keep BaconPOP at Kroger stores

Dear Friends and Bacon Lovers – We recently learned that next month Kroger will be discontinuing Original BaconPOP and Cheddar..

New item alert – Bacon Classic Gamer T-shirt

Beep Boop Beep Sizzle. Our newest arrival, the Bacon Classic Gamer T-shirt, may not get you a higher score on..

We’ve officially gone too far

A couple of years ago, we played a little April Fool’s joke on you and the rest of the bacon-loving world..

Recipe of the Month: Bacon Ranch Piggy Bites

These are cute, easy to make and fun to eat! Ingredients: 1 (1 pound) loaf frozen bread dough, thawed 2..

Bacon Croutons and the Bacon American Space Administration

Today, we officially launched our newest innovation: Bacon Croutons. They’re crispy. They’re bacony. And they make a really great salad or..

New products alert!

OK, by now you’ve (hopefully) figured out that BaconAir was an April Fool’s joke. We are sorry to members of..

The next evolution of bacon – new product alert

Three years ago, we made a much healthier bacon delivery mechanism called Bacon Salt. It’s a zero calorie, zero fat,..

Bacon Kevin Bacon!

What if Kevin Bacon was made out of bacon? That’s the question we asked when we had this amazing work..

Jon Stewart Baconnaise Billboards in Times Square

As you might have heard, Jon Stewart showed a fake Baconnaise billboard in Times Square recently (driven by his failed attempt..