New products alert!

OK, by now you’ve (hopefully) figured out that BaconAir was an April Fool’s joke. We are sorry to members of the media (yes, you, TIME magazine), our customers and family members that we may have tricked. Just remember, it’s all in fun!

We have good news though, just in time for barbecue season and Father’s Day. We have two new products that we just launched…. and we promise that this time they are 100% real!

J&D’s Foods is pleased to announce two new products – Ketchup Salt™and Bacon Rub!  Yes, we’re launching ketchup flavored salt and bacon flavored dry rub at the same time, on the same day, just in time for summer.

With Ketchup Salt, we started out with one idea: To make America’s Seasoning.  Our first thought – Bald Eagle Salt.  But we couldn’t catch one so we settled on Ketchup Salt.  There is only one country daring enough to make Ketchup Salt.  So you’re welcome America, you’re welcome.

Is Ketchup Salt kind of weird?  Absolutely.  But isn’t it also kind of weird that Thomas Edison made light from a metal filament, or that Alexander Graham-Bell sent his voice over a piece of wire?  Is it weird that we dared to dream of a seasoning that would give us bold ketchup taste while keeping our fries crispy and our eggs smoking hot?  Sure, it might be weird, but it’s also innovative, forward-thinking, and dare we say patriotic? Is Ketchup Salt weird? Maybe, but isn’t it also weird that the Kindergarten Cop was the governor of California.

Bacon Rub solves the age old problem of wanting everything to have that “Wrapped in Bacon Taste.”  Ribs, chicken, steak, fish, shrimp, burgers, lamb, buffalo (both water and land), possum and pork tenderloin – use Bacon Rub to add the sweet, smoky, deliciousness of bacon to anything you put on the grill.  Bacon Rub is All Natural, Kosher, vegetarian and has only 50 mg of sodium.

All of J&D’s Foods products are available at, and needless to say that they both make great Father’s Day gifts for anyone that likes to barbecue or eat things with ketchup (which is everyone right?). Happy summer and Happy Father’s Day shopping!