Bacon Croutons and the Bacon American Space Administration

Today, we officially launched our newest innovation: Bacon Croutons. They’re crispy. They’re bacony. And they make a really great salad or tasty snack – among many other incredible uses.

After marveling at our achievement, we thought “What other frontier could we possibly conquer?” The obvious answer was space. If our mission is to boldly take bacon where it’s never been before, then we’ve got to get galactic. Which is why we’re happy to announce the upcoming launch of our first spacecraft, Space Bacon 1, and the formation of our own space program: BASA (Bacon American Space Administration).

Note that this immediately got the interest of NASA’s Space Operations Outreach Program Manager – possibly for competitive reasons, or possibly because she wants to be the first to eat Space Bacon Croutons. Stay tuned!