The joke’s on us (not literally)

When we launched our April Fool’s gag – baconlube – we thought “this will be funny in sort of an innocent yet not so innocent way.” We thought we’d be crafty and launch it a day before April 1st so that we might catch people off guard.

We were all set to let people in on the joke on April 1st – but that’s when the emails started rolling in for the second (and to us, the funniest) part of our joke – that we were looking for “beta testers.” We heard from newlyweds, middle-aged couples who wanted to “spice things up,” board certified gynecologists, “sexually active senior citizens,” gay radio hosts and trysexuals (the ones who will try anything). People gave us unsolicited and graphic details about their love lives. Over 600 people in all have now signed up to be beta testers by emailing us at keepitsizzlin (at) baconsalt (dot) com.

And then we realized that there are actually a LOT of people that want to take their pork to a whole new level (so to speak). So as much as this was intended as a joke, we got quite a different response than we expected.

Snippets from some of the best emails we got:

  • ” I am a physician, and a board-certified gynecologist.Assuming this is not an April Fool’s joke, I would love to be a tester.  And I have patients that would sign up in a heartbeat.And if it is an April Fool’s joke:  guess what, the joke’s on you.  Because if you don’t put it on the market soon, somebody else will.”
  • ” I have all the equipment necessary (myself, partner, condom).”
  • “oh please oh please oh please.”
  • ” If you could add some cheese to this somehow….”
  • ” put me down for one case…it should last me a while…”
  • ” This could just be a giant april fools joke, but I still want in.  I am a vegan who is oddly intrigued by bacon obsession.  Seriously.”
  • “Has ‘squeal like a pig’ ever seemed more appropriate?”
  • ” I’d pay money to beta-test!  Heck, I’d bring it to work and use it as salad dressing!”
  • ” Is there nothing that bacon won’t make better? You know where I’m going with this. Sign me up for testing please.”
  • “My friends and I have always loved bacon and bacon products. We have been known to wrestle in Bacon Fat as we find it a preferable alternative to KY jelly.”
  • “My boyfriend would die if I had this slathered all over myself!!!”
  • “If this is a joke, please consider making it for real. I personally vow to purchase enough to make the development and production costs worthwhile.”
  • “Got to try it. Used real bacon grease as a nice massage oil but now with lube – wow.”

The people have spoken and apparently they want this to be a real product….  So stay tuned!