Photos from Mayonnaise Wrestling

As you may have heard, we hosted the world’s first ever No Holds Barred to the Death Mayonnaise Wrestling event last night to celebrate the launch of Baconnaise, The Ultimate Bacon Flavored Spread.

The hype leading up to the event was pretty intense. Hunglodojo weighed in with some pre-fight predictions. There was some vicious pre-fight sparring between Bacon and Mayo. Who would emerge victorious?

In short, the event was a huge success. Approximately 750 mayonnaise wrestling fans came out to see the event and munched on free Baconnaise BLT’s, drank Mitch Morgans (shot of Maker’s Mark with a bacon garnish) and watched the furious man-on-mayo action. In addition, over $2,000 was raised for a great charity.

The YouTube video is forthcoming – hopefully this weekend – but in the meantime, here are some ridiculous pictures to tide you over. Thanks to everyone that came out and participated in the event!