Year: 2008

Have you seen this Bacon?

If you weren’t already aware, we’ve been hitting football games and tailgaters with samples of Bacon Salt and a giant..

Last few days to get your bacon on before the 25th

We’re doing our best to keep up with the demand this holiday season. Unfortunately, we’re completely out of Lite Baconnaise..

Introducing The Ultimate Bacon Lover’s Gift Pack

The holidays are always kind of nuts here in Bacon Land. Last year, people gave away lots of Bacon Salt..

No Holds Barred Mayonnaise Wrestling – To The Death

About six months ago, we got a customer request – we get some strange ones, but this one was spot..

Being Bacon

This past weekend, we hit the Ohio State-Minnesota game in Columbus and the Bengals-Browns game in Cincinnati. We tailgated, we..

Ridiculously easy (and good!) Bacon Salt Recipe: Lightly Breaded Tilapia Fillet with Bacon Salt

This was a last minute dish that I made the other night after getting home from work, and ever since..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Peppered Bacon Salt and Tomato Linguine

Last night was pasta night at our house, where we cook ridiculously large amounts of pasta, eat some for dinner..

Holiday shopping/Baconnaise update

Things are quite busy in baconland as we gear up for the holidays. The fruits of our labor will be..

Photos from Mayonnaise Wrestling

As you may have heard, we hosted the world’s first ever¬†No Holds Barred to the Death Mayonnaise Wrestling¬†event last night..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Bacon Salt Stir Fry

Here in Seattle, Asian food is king. In virtually any area you can get great Thai food, Vietnamese (tons of..