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October 10, 2008



Oh man, I really hope I can make it that day.

Seattle Wing Man

Finally MAYONNAISE WRESTLING with a hint of bacon.

Gawd loves us.

tim h

Was given free BaconSalt at a Gotham Roller Derby game in NYC. Great stuff! Thanks!

Stu from UK

Hey! Just when I'm about ready to launch my UK BaconSalt sales, to make this great product available cheaper and faster to bacon-lovers here, you guys bring out a new product!

I'm gonna have to increase my warehouse space before I even start!!

(Plug intentional!!)



IATSE Local 114 Stagehands love Bacon Salt!

Why doesn't Hannaford's carry it yet?


You can always ask them to carry it. We're in a lot of stores thanks to our "comment card heroes!"


Helz to the yeea!


PLEASE oh PLEASE post this on YouTube.


It will be on YouTube shortly. Stay tuned!


I haven't laughed so hard in years. I also found out I'm really good at dodging flying mayo.

Thanks Guys for a very fun and very surreal time


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