Being Bacon

This past weekend, we hit the Ohio State-Minnesota game in Columbus and the Bengals-Browns game in Cincinnati. We tailgated, we ate, we drank, and most of all, we were bacon. As in a giant 7 foot tall slice of bacon.

On Saturday, it was Justin’s turn. On Sunday, Dave’s turn. We even went into Paul Brown Stadium as bacon. Be sure to check out the pictures.

In the process, we gave away 20,000 samples of Bacon Salt. We also learned that being bacon is literally the most fun you can have. People buy you drinks. They feed you. Beautiful (and not-so-beautiful) women maul you. And everyone wants a picture with you.

Based on the success of this initiative, we’ve decided that we’re going to create an army of Bacons. It’s an ambitious plan that is still in the planning stages, but if you’re interested in being bacon, email us at with what you would do as bacon and where you live.