The Bacon Salt NASCAR

Since we started Bacon Salt, we’ve had this recurring dream about getting a Bacon Salt NASCAR team. In the dream, there are lots of people running around in Bacon Salt racing suits, there’s a car in first place with a huge Bacon Salt logo on it, and the announcers are usually saying something like “Here they come around the turn, looks like the Bacon Salt car is going to pull it out! Wow, what a finish.”

Today, we are one step closer to our goal of having an actual NASCAR. James from Castleton, NY created this awesome little number for us.

The #27 Bacon Salt car will be racing this year in the Vidane Racing League, which is broadcast on OK, it’s not quite an actual NASCAR, but as close to it as we can afford (last we heard, NASCAR doesn’t trade sponsorships for bottles of a bacon-flavored seasoning). Here was James’ note to us:

I’m writing to you today as both a sim racer and a fanatic of your product. I recently discovered Bacon Salt from a friend, and it’s quickly become one of my favorite seasonings.A hobby of mine — and that of thousands of other racing fanatics worldwide — is simulated racing. Using simulator software and specialized equipment, drivers can quench their thirst for speed by sitting down at their computers and simulating NASCAR races. These events draw crowds of watchers and fans, much like NASCAR races on television, but on a smaller scale. Not only is Bacon Salt a product I love, but I feel it’s something that other racers and fans will enjoy upon learning about.

We’ll be rooting for you James! Go Bacon Salt racer, go.