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June 05, 2008


Robert Donovan

What's this I hear Bout Fat Alley? My favorite BBQ restaurant west of Kansas.

I spent many a day eating there and doing shots with Robbie...

Future BaconSalt Lover


While sitting by my Webber, patiently waiting to flip my kabobs and browsing from my iPhone, I discovered your site. A few things crossed my mind, in order:

1. Why didn't I think of that?!
2. How soon can I be enjoying the benefits of BaconSalt?!
3. These kabobs would have been *soo* much better, if only I had BaconSalt!

With my new subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club (check it out!) and now BaconSalt, I think this might be the best summer *ever*!

Thanks Justin & Dave!

Cheers from Santa Barbara!
-| Jeremy |-


Fat Alley barbecue is home of the Mitch Morgan, which is a shot of bourbon with a bacon garnish. Justin grew up in Telluride, CO, and enjoyed this shot many, many times. Maybe too many times.

It was actually the Mitch Morgan that provided the inspiration for Bacon Salt. As Homer Simpson once said: "To alcohol! The cause of and the solution to all of life's problems."

Bennie Taylor

This sounds delicious. But how much salt does it add - some folks have to limit their intake and need to know how often they can safely use use product.


Bacon Salt is low sodium - it has 75% less sodium than regular table salt. It's a great substitute for regular salt.

David Kirsh

I Stumbled upon J&D's website recently. My band, Despite Discouragement, will be driving from the suburbs of the Greater Toronto Area (all the way in canada, eh?) to Mississauga, which is about a half hour drive (so likely 45 minutes to an hour in traffic/winter) in order to procure some Bacon Salt. We will then be adding it to every meal we eat over three or four days to find the most delicious, simple recipe. We will also probably try and make our drummer eat some particularly heinous ones. The entire process will be filmed and put on youtube. Any suggestions for the culinarily impaired?


I just got my first shipment of the original, hickory and peppered bacon salts. I CANNOT wait to try this out on everything. This stuff is genius!

Heidi / Savory Tv

Hello from Telluride! I've now a proud owner of my very first bottle of bacon salt. After just a taste out of the jar, I'm looking forward to using it on eggs and hashbrowns tomorrow.



I found Bacon Salt at a local restaurant. I was going to have your product accidentally fall into my purse, when I noticed a sticker saying where I could purchase my new found love. I have decided to enrich my friends and families lives by giving this bacon goodness along with recipes for christmas. I know I'd be happy if someone gave it to me. Thanks for making such a great product.


I love this stuff!! I wouldn't mind promoting it.. do you have an affiliate program? are there sample packets for sale or free that i can pass out?

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