Bacon Salt Recipe: Bacon Salt Mac and Cheese

The Beginners’ Guide to Bacon Salt

We field a lot of questions here at Bacon Salt. Some of them are obvious (how can I buy Bacon Salt?), some are unique (can you please make a bacon-flavored air freshener?) and some of them are outrageous (any ideas on how Bacon Salt can enhance my sex life?).

One of the most common ones we get is “How do you suggest using Bacon Salt?” We are usually quick to respond with suggestions, but thought we’d post it out to everyone. Without further ado, here’s our Beginner’s Guide to Using Bacon Salt.

  • Original – a more savory version of Bacon Salt, it’s like a straight bacon punch in the mouth. It’s best with scrambled eggs or omelets, salads and sandwiches. It also combines really nicely with butter, which goes great on pasta, green veggies (we love green beans) and popcorn. You can also use a butter flavored popcorn seasoning or something like butter buds in combination in lieu of the butter.
  • Hickory – a smokier version of Bacon Salt, but not in that bitter liquid-smokey kind of way. It’s actually my personal favorite. This flavor pairs really well with any kind of potato product – you can baconize your baked potato, french fries, hash browns, tots, you name it. It’s also great with grilled meats and fish – using it as a steak rub overnight, finish a burger with it, or throw it on salmon are all great. It is also AMAZING on corn on the cob.
  • Peppered – this flavor is more sharp than spicy (just like peppered bacon), but there’s definitely a kick there. Some of our customers (and employees) love it so much that they use Peppered almost exclusively on everything mentioned above and then some (as an example, tacos and fajitas are great). It’s also great in Bloody Mary’s or as a rim on tequila shots.
  • Natural – this version is gluten-free (if you have a wheat allergy), low in sodium like the rest of the flavors, and doesn’t contain any soy proteins (which are like smaller versions of bacon bits in the other flavors). It comes out almost like a bacon powder, and we think it’s outstanding on chicken in particular, but also pairs nicely with eggs and potatoes as well as many of the other items mentioned above.
  • General advice – Bacon Salt can be highly addictive. In my house, Bacon Salt has replaced salt, which is good for the blood pressure because it’s way lower sodium (135mg for Bacon Salt vs. 600mg for table salt). When my kids (ages 2 and 4) go to other peoples’ houses for dinner we have to coach them not to ask for Bacon Salt if they don’t like the food.

There are lots of other things Bacon Salt is good on, we highly suggest experimenting and trying different combinations with your favorite foods. Consider us your human guinea pigs – if you come up with a great recipe or use for Bacon Salt, please email us at!