Let there be Bacon Salt

This blog is about Bacon Salt (www.baconsalt.com).

What’s Bacon Salt, you ask? It’s the world’s most delicious new flavoring, excellent on grilled meats, vegetables, fish, salads, and pretty much anything you can think of that you would want to taste like bacon. There are currently 3 flavors – Original, Hickory and Peppered Bacon Salt – and they’re all amazing. And we almost forgot to mention, it makes the world’s most delicious scrambled eggs and potatoes.

Why are we so excited about Bacon Salt? Because we’re Dave & Justin, the two guys that created it. We began working on this concept a few months ago while working at a technology company – we had no experience making, packaging or selling a food product. We had no contacts in the food industry (or so we thought). We just both loved food, and the idea of making everything taste like bacon.

3 months later, we’ve got an actual product that people think is unbelievably good. We have hundreds of Bacon Salt fanatics (Bacon Nation) who have tried it and have helped push us to get it to market. We have dozens of friends who have pitched in and helped plan, design, develop, sell, market and spread the word about Bacon Salt. We have people emailing us from around the country asking us “where can we get this?” or saying “I’ll take 6 cases of it” without us even publicizing or submitting our site to the search engines. We have a distributor that can’t keep any quantity of our product on hand, partly because their reps keep taking it home and cooking with it (one recent comment: “my husband LOVES Bacon Salt and my kids are asking for it on everything.” And we have several major grocery and specialty store chains looking at carrying our product, one of whom recently said “I am so unbelievably excited to try this, it sounds like a dream.”

On this blog, we’ll post feedback we get, funny and interesting stories and new recipes or uses for Bacon Salt. We welcome your comments and feedback, especially from people that have tried it (we love those testimonials). Thanks for visiting! If you like what you read, be sure to use the box on the upper right to subscribe by email. And be sure to¬†visit our website¬†to learn more.