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September 24, 2007


Aaron Tucker

What in the world is this thing called Frozen Corn? Here in Texas we buy it frozen and then we heat it up over a fire in a pot of beer. I did a little googling and found some people cooking it up with sugar and other spices and then freezing it, but they didn't mention if they actually ATE the stuff cold! Eww!

The Bacontological way would be to scrape yer frozen corn off the cob, sweeten it a little with some jalapenos, batter and deep fry it and sprinkle it good with BaconSalt (peppered or hickory most likely) and have a BaconSalted Miller Lite with it.

WARNING: I have not tested beer and BaconSalt. It could cause a Mentos/Diet Coke-like explosion, or it could be the next poor man's breakfast in a bobble. Imagine winos on the corner with a bottle of BaconSalted Thunderbird!


This page is a hoot I'm ordering that stuff!! When I first ran across this page I knew no woman thought up bacon flavored everything. lol


Not so fast! Actually, there was a woman with us (Kara) when we invented Bacon Salt. And about half of our customers are women.

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