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September 25, 2007



I am so with Aaron, I wish we could get purse-packs or unit-dose packs of Bacon Salt for dining out...I've been in many restaurants lately and thought, "You know what this bland food needs? Bacon Salt!"

Michelle Tucker

Just wanted to mention, that as Aaron's wife, I have become a taste tester. And believe it when he says he's tried it on everything, because I end up trying it too. I absolutely love the product too, although Aaron is a true die-hard fan. Even while at work I get emails telling me what he's tried. It's not often that Aaron really likes a product, so kudos to you all. Keep up the great work!

Aaron Tucker

Wow I can't believe ya'll wrote about the spam. It tasted sooo nasty.

On BaconSalt Rock Candy: I skipped an important step on my first try, which was to roll the string in sugar before dropping it into the BaconSugar mixture so the crystals form faster. I've started agian, hopefully with better results the second time!

There's always new ways to use BaconSalt! Whenever I walk up to the vending machines, the only thing I'm thinking is, "will this taste good with BaconSalt?" And you know what? There's absolutely nothing you can get out of a machine that would not go well with BaconSalt. Even Life-Savers and super minty gums are tastier with BaconSalt!


lol, that was my spam spread (a former desktoy) that Aaron put the baconsalt on. I'm just glad I was out of smelling range at the time.

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