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Bacon Salt eggs

When we first started formulating Bacon Salt, we said, “We want Bacon Salt to taste like the smell of bacon..

Mmmm… bacon cheese grits

OK, this recipe is good. We got this from Liz as part of the Recipe Contest – and incidentally, you..

Puyallup Fair ends for Bacon Salt

We just finished a stint at the Puyallup Fair here in Washington state, which lasts 17 days and sees over..

Bacon Salt Hall of Fame

Meet one of our newest disciples, Aaron. Aaron is single-handedly trying to tell the world about Bacon Salt, and has..

A spice of destiny

As the Puyallup fair ended, Justin and I had the opportunity to peruse the various booths and strange collections of..

Bacon in your booze

Since the idea for Bacon Salt started with a bourbon and bacon drink called the Mitch Morgan, it’s appropriate that..

Bacon Salt quote(s) of the day

Even though we haven’t officially launched yet, we’re starting to get some requests for Bacon Salt from all over the..

Bacon Salt quotes of the day

Bacon Salt is for just about everyone, as these two emailed quotes show. Shannon writes in from a Seattle technology..

Bacon Salt quote of the day

Ryan Taylor from St. Louis, MO recently commented on one of our recent posts: This is the smartest thing in the..

Bacon Salt quote of the day

Word spread fasts among the bacon-lover set. Austin, from Cedar Rapids, IA, the heart of hog country writes: Subject: Holy..