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Bacon Salt recipe: Baconey chicken and rice soup

In the aftermath of our fun adventures with the Poultry Pal, we needed to do something with the remaining chicken we..

Bacon Salt around the Web

Bacon Salt has been making the rounds on the web lately. Here are just a few of the mentions: There’s..

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Bacon Salt

In Australia, a radical group has emerged called The Popular Front for the Liberation of Bacon Salt. Their facebook group can..

Happy Baconey Easter

What’s on the menu for Easter? Scrambled eggs with Original Bacon Salt in the morning of course. For dinner or..

Bacon Salt in The Onion

I’ve always thought that bacon and onions are great together. Today there are unconfirmed rumors that Bacon Salt made it..

Bacon Salt in Your Booze – Part Deux

The mysterious person behind the blog – who apparently hates Christmas – is on a quest to make every one of..

How to make a deep fried turkey taste like bacon

‘ve always been a big fan of deep fried turkey – you get meat that’s very moist and tasty. This..

New contest: Bacon Salt Video and Picture Contest

The good people at Couples Therapy Online recently released this unbelievable video homage to Bacon Salt: There are also a couple of..

Should everything really taste like bacon?

The morning hosts at 91x in San Diego – Mookie, Matt Diablo and Carlos the intern – put this theory..

What’s happening in bacon land?

I know we’ve been a little light on the blog postings lately, but don’t think we’ve abandoned it. As always,..