Recent recipe contest entries

If you haven’t been over to the J&D’s Foods Recipe Community lately, you’re missing out! As part of our recipe contest, people are submitting all sorts of amazing creations. Some of the highlights:

B&D Sammies – submitted by Debbie

Lite Baconnaise Horseradish Dip – submitted by Kelly

Baconnaise Tuna Melt – submitted by James

Bacon Cheeseburger Pasta – submitted by Tara (who’s made it 5 times since she discovered it!)

Bacon Salt Chex Mix – a new twist on an old favorite. Submitted by Jenny

Baconey Cheese Grits – a little something for the Southerner in you!

Bacon Ranch Savory Roast Chicken – this really tastes phenomenal! Submitted by Lisa.

Cheeseburger Soup – from Chef Jason Bunnin at 200 Fifth Restaurant in NY

Chicken Club Stuffed Potatoes – from Martha, who says it’s like a sandwich and baked potato in one!

In the strange but true category:

Phoenix favorite (for your doggie) – apparently, even your pup can enjoy Bacon Salt. Maybe there should be a Dog Bacon Salt 🙂

Hope you enjoy this week’s recipes and a HUGE thanks to all that submitted your favorites! Be sure to visit the J&D’s Recipe Community for many more and to submit your own.