Food (and mail) is about to get more awesome

The team at J&D’s Foods has been working really hard to prepare for the holiday season. Which in our world means eating lots of bacon and trying to come up with delicious and fun products that taste great with bacon. Yes, it’s definitely a dream job.

This year’s new products are:

J&D’s BaconPOP – an amazing bacon flavored microwave popcorn. The Bacon Wife begs me to bring home samples on movie nights – this stuff is highly addictive. One of the coolest things is that when you pop it, your office/kitchen/house/garage/mancave smells like someone’s frying bacon. If you love your employees, no office should ever be without a box of BaconPOP again. (on back order until November 19th)

J&D’s Bacon Ranch Dressing & Dip Mix – this might be the best product we’ve ever made, but maybe we’re biased because in addition to our obvious love of bacon, we LOVE ranch. Make it with sour cream, with mayo and buttermilk, or a combo of all 3. Great as a dip, a sauce, or a dressing. Bring it out for football watching parties, family gatherings, or because you’re tired of eating salads that don’t taste like the perfect marriage between bacon and ranch. Available now at

J&D’s Bacon Flavored Mmmvelopes – this is without a doubt the weirdest product we’ve ever made. But it was high time someone improved on the experience of licking envelopes… and it only took us 4,000 years to do it. Makes a great stocking stuffer. Available now at

We hope you enjoy our latest creations! If you’re in Seattle and want to sample them while helping raise money for an awesome cause (and witnessing history), please come to our launch party on November 19th –