Operation Bacon Salt Update – June 2009

We’ve been pretty busy around here in BaconLand, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been ignoring our troops. Quite the contrary, we’ve been sending record numbers of shipments to the Middle East to soldiers that have been deprived of their ability to eat bacon on a regular basis.

These include shipments to:

  • Navy Hm2 Michaels from Lejeune, NC, who’s unit’s work in Afghanistan has been profiled on MSNBC, Fox News, and NPR. They’ve been called “America’s Batallion.” This is his 2nd deployment. One of our twitter followers asked us to ship him some bacon-flavored love.
  • We didn’t make this up – Air Force Ssgt Bacon, who’s also from NC and is currently serving in Bagram, Afghanistan, has some bacon-flavored goods on the way to him and the 30 or so troops he serves with. His wife reached out to us letting us know that one of their traditions is to send bacon-themed items to him while he’s out in the field.
  • Specialist Whyte will be getting a shipment of Baconnaise and Bacon Salt as well as Bacon Lip Balm, courtesy of his friend David who has helped us in our warehouse periodically (and done a great job). Spec Whyte’s job is to provide transportation security for trucks that carry supplies to other soldiers in Iraq. When stateside, Spec Whyte enjoys spending time with his 9 month old and 5 year old children.
  • We’re supporting a dodgeball tournament for troops in Virginia coming up this weekend and just supported a football game here at Fort Lewis in Tacoma.

Whether you agree with the wars or not, these soldiers and their families are giving up a lot to support their country. We hope they enjoy the packages coming their way!