Why Bacon Salt is better than money

We’ve been really indebted to the people that have been helping us get Bacon Salt off the ground, from graphic designers to web developers to lawyers and food industry people that have been generous enough to give us their time, advice and services. Once we get rolling – estimated launch date, end of June – we’ll owe a lot of people some serious favors.

We’re starting to learn that, in some cases, Bacon Salt is actually better than money. Take for example our lawyer, who is a friend of a friend that specializes in trademark law. This is a woman we don’t know at all who has helped us navigate through the complex maze of the US Patent and Trademark office. She probably bills out at $500/hr – but we got her for 3 1 oz samples of Hickory, Original and Peppered Bacon Salt.

A recent convert to Bacon Salt informed us that he took Bacon Salt across the street to the owner of a famous hot dog stand in Chicago – and ended up getting 1/2 off the group’s lunch because the guy loved it so much (cheese fries and Bacon Salt, a winning combination).

To us, it looks like Bacon Salt really is better than money!