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September 16, 2007



Bacon salt? I'll have to try that on a future BPT. By the way the two references mentioned are mine. The Holiday tenderloin is from my website porktenderloinsandwich.com and Lori Hutson's article is from an interview with me and getting my recipe and tutorial here...


where you can also find my mini-tenderloins for the Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl snack.

Lee D

Holy crap, guys! Where have you been all my life?


Dave (J&D's)

Davydd - it is a true honor to have you post on our blog. That pork tenderloin sandwich recipe really brought me back to my Iowa days. Thank you for your dedication to the fine art of the pork tenderloin sandwich!!


scott davis

I am from Iowa too and have transplanted to Las Vegas for 10 years now & they just don't have pork tenderloin sandwiches out here. One place Hash House A GoGo makes an attemot but for $14 just not a good one. Love the blog I reference it often.

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