Month: June 2007

Bacon Salt quote(s) of the day

Even though we haven’t officially launched yet, we’re starting to get some requests for Bacon Salt from all over the..

Bacon Salt quotes of the day

Bacon Salt is for just about everyone, as these two emailed quotes show. Shannon writes in from a Seattle technology..

Bacon Salt quote of the day

Ryan Taylor from St. Louis, MO recently commented on one of our recent posts: This is the smartest thing in the..

Bacon Salt quote of the day

Word spread fasts among the bacon-lover set. Austin, from Cedar Rapids, IA, the heart of hog country writes: Subject: Holy..

Zazzle gets hungry for Bacon Salt

In our quest to make everything taste like bacon, we’d like to make everyone look like bacon too. Which is..

Hug a bacontrepreneur

I had dinner at Flying Fish, one of the best seafood restaurants in Seattle. There were about 6 or 7..