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June 18, 2009



Oh man, a Wegman's sub sandwich with Baconnaise would be heavenly. I need to get upstate again soon.

Jennifer Suarez

Baconnaise in Wegmans?! This is a dream come true! THANK YOU!


What about Canada? We want Baconnaise too!


We're about to launch in Long's Drugs and are working on several other big store chains up there as well!

Bobbie Kerr


Kim Hart

United Supermarkets in Texas/Oklahoma would be great places to try the Baconnaise. I found the Bacon Salt at Albertson's, so maybe they would try the Baconnaise as well.


Dierberg's in St. Louis has it now, too…



Goodness gracious, my local London Drugs in Canada has the stuff!!! Who knew, I've just ordered it online last week from Seattle…boo…it was 3 km away all this time!!!
Tellall Candaians here on the west coast to go your London Drugs.
Now I'm not afraid to use too much, cuz' there's some here at home YEAH


What about us on the East Coast? We want some too! We don't have London Drugs 🙁


We're working on it! We hope that one day all of Canada has our products.


any news on where/when baconaise will be avail to us in ontario


Tina – Baconnaise is in many locations in Canada now. Check your local grocer, and if they don't have it, you can give this form to the local store manager, who may be able to help bring it in: http://www.jdfoods.net/buy/J_Ds_Foods-Grocer_Request_Form.pdf

Anne Thompson

i live in Montreal Quebec Canada any baconnaise here yet?????// also any in Plattsburgh N.Y.???????? anne1234ify

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