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April 22, 2009



I've become frustrated with convention means of bacon consumption (mostly my fault, http://idratherbeasmartass.blogspot.com/2009/04/tipping-point.html ) and am so entrigued by your products! I mean… baconnaise?!? Surely, a word from the mouths of angels. Angels, I say!! And lip balm?!? My only concern is it waterproof? I mean, the drool… think of the drool! Great work, folks, love it!

Teri Centner

I haven't seen any BaconSalt in my exchange or commissary.
Have you been unsuccessful in breaking into the AAFES or Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) market?


Teri – We do have a contract with DeCA, and Bacon Salt is in many commissaries already. We're adding more every day! Hopefully it will be there soon, and it doesn't hurt to ask the people there to stock it.

Donny Bahama

At a time when we're at war and the economy is sinking like a rock, what better cause to protest than the lack of Baconnaise at local grocery stores? I'm planning a protest campaign (with picket signs) at major grocery stores throughout San Diego and will also be collecting signatures for a petition. So far there's just me, but I'm hoping to get more protesters signed up. ;D


I submitted a request to DeCA here in the Pacific. So far nothing. By chance is DeCA Picific on tabs for salt?


Thanks for sending your request! The Bacon Salt is supposed to have launched in the US and Asia DeCA. If it's not there, please keep sending requests! Hopefully it will be where you are soon. We will also check with our contacts.

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