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March 29, 2010



I feel like a rotten mother. My children, ages 4 and 2, are clearly now at a horrific disadvantage. If only I had known— I can only hope that other will learn from my gross negligence. Bless you J & D.


Jeez. This is blatant discrimination against those of us without babies.

My son is six years-old, and I think that might count me out but I am willing to go out tonight and become impregnanted by some random dude in order to enter this contest. Bacon Baby – Genius!


Bit early for April Fool's, surely?

Nebb McGee

If you don't provide a link to "research results", no one with half a brain will believe it, particularly with the rising rates of infant/toddler/child obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular health concerns.


april fools 2010. Love it.


Yay April Fools!


April is coming early this year.


Not as good as last years april fools, but still funny.


It is posted on April 1st…how can I believe it?!


What exactly is a 'lifetime supply' of baby formula?


OMG did people seriously believe this was anything other than a hilarious joke?

Lighten up, people. Life is supposed to be FUN!

(then again, the lip balm is real…, and didn't you test an, ahem, personal lubricant?)


Nice work, guys. I am planning to have a baby very soon and this will be his first non-mom-based food.

baby slings

This sure turns out to be the perfect brainy food for your baby.

Mike Tracy

Too funny. Love the blog.

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