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Holiday shopping/Baconnaise update

Things are quite busy in baconland as we gear up for the holidays. The fruits of our labor will be..

Photos from Mayonnaise Wrestling

As you may have heard, we hosted the world’s first ever¬†No Holds Barred to the Death Mayonnaise Wrestling¬†event last night..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Bacon Salt Stir Fry

Here in Seattle, Asian food is king. In virtually any area you can get great Thai food, Vietnamese (tons of..

Bacon Salt Racer Takes Second at Daytona

As we’ve previously posted, we’re not quite able to afford our own NASCAR yet (the estimated cost on that sponsorship..

Bacon Salt Mail Bag

We get some really amazing and inspirational emails from people around the world who have had Bacon Salt. They really..

How to Know That a Restaurant Loves You and Wants You to be Happy

f a restaurant has Bacon Salt on the tables, it’s a pretty good bet that they really love you. We..

Dear Canada

Dear Canada, We recently heard the following from one of your citizens: I first heard about Bacon Salt about 8..

Bacon Salt Blog Post of the Week

We tune into the blogosphere and even stream of consciousness tools like Twitter, and get to read some awesome and..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Bacon Salt Mac and Cheese

The Beginners’ Guide to Bacon Salt We field a lot of questions here at Bacon Salt. Some of them are..

The Bacon Salt NASCAR

Since we started Bacon Salt, we’ve had this recurring dream about getting a Bacon Salt NASCAR team. In the dream,..