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Baconnaise Launches in Select SuperTargets – win a year’s supply of Baconnaise!

We’re very excited to announce that Baconnaise is launching in a number of SuperTarget stores in Minnesota, Nebraska and Iowa…

Baconnaise Recipe: Garlic Baconnaise Shrimp

The Bacon Wife’s been making this for awhile, and I thought it would be great to share it.If you’ve ever..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Bacon Salt and Egg Biscuits

Bacon Salt recipe of the week, breakfast edition. These tasty egg and cheese biscuits are delicious no matter which flavor..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Easy Breakfast Muffins

This is a REALLY easy way to make a delicious breakfast, and is now a huge favorite at our house…

How to start a food company with $5,000

We get a lot of inquiries about starting a food company. It’s really great to see people that are really..

Baconnaise Recipe: BLT Dip with Baconnaise

We made this for a party the other day and served it with Frito’s Scoops. This can also be served..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Eggy in a Basket with Bacon Salt

One of our twitter peeps alerted us to this dish, which was featured in the movie V for Vendetta, and..

Bacon Salt and Baconnaise Recipe: Grilled Chicken Bacon Salad

This is an easy summer salad that includes grilled chicken breasts, fresh veggies and a delicious baconey-ranch dressing that infuses..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Grilled Asparagus with Bacon Salt

Get those grills fired up, this is a simple and healthy side dish with lots of flavor that could be..

Baconnaise Recipe: Turkey Burgers with Guaca-Bacon-Mole

Ah, turkey burgers. Not quite as good as a regular hamburger, but way healthier for you. The good news is..