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December 24, 2008



My apologies for not posting my version of "Lemon-Brined Chicken" over here. It didn't differ much except that I use a large zip-lock bag instead of a pot, which means less brine needed (and more Bacon-Salt available for other uses!)

But I'd like to give you an idea of a BRITISH traditional recipe with the addition of BaconSalt. (more available at my own (BaconSalt in UK) Blog (http://crazy4flavour.blogspot.com/)

BUBBLE-AND-SQUEAK (BaconSalt style)

A timely suggestion for "The Day After The Big Pig-Out" when we often over-estimate the amount of food our (often extended) families can get through, and lots of veggies left over.

In UK, we have a traditional Monday Breakfast with the left-overs from Sunday lunch, which are mashed and fried as patties. Everything goes in apart from the left-over meats – Pots, carrots, greens, swede, parsnips, (okay – Broccoli too!) even stuffing if there's any left. I normally try to cook too many veggies so I can have them fried during the week!

We had masses of veg left from our Christmas Dinner yesterday. These were mashed on an enormous mixing bowl, with a third of a jar of BaconSalt added, and then the burger-press was used to form the patties. These are now in the freezer, and then will be bagged and I have enough for breakfasts for the coming two weeks!

Oh – If anyone in USA couldn't get their BaconSalt from Seattle due to stock shortages, then we have plenty at www.crazy4flavour.co.uk (shameless plug!) – but the postage will cost you as much (lots!) as it used to cost us Brits before we could buy it locally here in UK! 😉

A Happy and Baconey New Year BaconSalt-lovers, wherever you are!

Joan Dahlbeck

Could you make this print friendly?

pey cepter

we are most anxious to try these receipes. will comment later.
the greeks

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