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November 07, 2007



grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I don't seem to be able to e-mail you so I am putting my statement here

your product arrived today – ty
i keep sprinkling it on my hand because it is soooooooooo good

how wide is your marketing? we have a local owned store here that i would love to give a sample to.

the name of the store is Podesto's and they carry a verity of local company things and would i love to see this added.


We welcome your emails at passthebacon@baconsalt.com.

The easiest way to get Bacon Salt into your local grocery store is to:
A. Ask to speak with the grocery manager.
B. Tell her that you've discovered a seasoning that makes everything taste like bacon. She'll understand.
C. Ask her to carry Bacon Salt in the store.

We've already had several successful experiences like this, it's easy and you'll be performing a valuable service for the community.


Hey guys, I just discovered you today and featured you on my blog. I'll be ordering some Bacon Salt shortly… I'm quite excited to try it out.

Cheers from Canada!

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