A Bacon-Flavored Story

Hi there. We’re Justin and Dave, the two guys behind Bacon Salt(tm).

Bacon Salt, you might be thinking. Sounds interesting. If you’re like most of the population, you love bacon. We’ve heard many stories of vegetarians converting to carnivores just from the smell of it. Or maybe you really love bacon, so much so that you subscribe to the Bacon of the Month Club or do something kinda kooky, like wearing bacon-scented body spray.

We, like you, also love bacon. You won’t find us wearing “Eau de Bacon,” but we really do think that just about everything tastes a little better with at least a little bit or just a heaping portion of bacon. Which is why in early 2007, when Justin told his co-workers Dave and Kara his idea for Bacon Salt while on a business trip in Florida,Dave literally jumped out of his chair.

“You like that idea?” Justin asked.

“Like it?” Dave said, thinking in his head of all of things in his life that would taste better with bacon, like eggs, steak, chicken, fish, prawns, potatoes and other vegetables and even popcorn. “I LOVE IT!!”

And from that point, a partnership was struck to turn this bacon-loving idea into a reality. We asked friends, colleagues and family members if we were completely nuts, but at each turn we got encouragement and more importantly, people who just couldn’t wait to eat it. “Why hasn’t someone thought of this already?” was a common response. People were also just unsatisfied by the bacon-flavoring products on the market: too smokey, too crunchy and none of it tasted like real, savory, delicious bacon, they said.

In early 2007, we and a few of our close friends tasted the first three flavors of Bacon Salt, Original Smokey, Hickory and (ick) Maple on Porterhouse steaks, mashed potatoes, eggs, tomatoes and tomato soup – literally everything Dave could find to eat in his house. And, with the one exception of Maple (RIP), everything was absolutely delicious. We were all just licking our plates. Word spread among our friends as we hosted barbecues, dinner parties, and tastings with lots of other people to get feedback and input into the original recipe. We wouldn’t be satisfied unless it really tasted like real bacon, and as many of our early guests described, “that’s unbelievable!

And now we bring our invention to fellow bacon lovers everywhere. We’ve just launched our flagship products, Original Smokey, Hickory, and Peppered Bacon Salt. There will be more variations to come, we promise, but we think you’ll really love what we’ve started with on a variety of everyday food items. Whether you’re a regular griller or gourmet chef, are counting calories or are a vegetarian who craves the mouth-watering taste of bacon without the guilt, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

We hope you love it like we do. Please drop us a line to tell us what you think, share your own recipes for Bacon Salt, or buy some of our bacon-themed merchandise to help spread the word.

Enjoy the bacon,
Justin and Dave