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April 05, 2010



hahahahah!!!!!!! Punkd again... I swear I'm the world's biggest guppy! :-) You guys are great!


lol! i can't believe some people thought this was a real story...guess the post was well written ;).

but i'm sad for my baby boy who will have to miss out on this sweet, nature's candy. aahh well.


great job but how about repurposing and launching this product as a dry milk substitute to use in recipes?! I'll buy a case!!

Bubba's Dad

Couldn't we just add your Bacon Salt to regular infant formula? My two year old already loves it on his Mac + Cheese.


Question, will a baby get the same kind of results if a breastfeeding mom eats nothing but bacon? I mean, they do say that breastmilk takes on the flavor of whatever mom ate. Would that apply for bacon too? Cuz if so, then I have two perfect test subjects for you. Just shove some bacon my way.

Samuel Dix

But it sounded so yummy! LOL

moby wraps

Well, I never heard bacon or any food that you eat would add to the taste for your new borns....

Lindsey Ward

No thanks, even though it's a joke....Human Milk for my Human Baby, forget about formula.

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