The Weekly Bacon – Post Oscars edition – March 8th, 2010

When The Hurt Locker won Best Picture this weekend, it reminded us of an email we received a couple of years ago from some soldiers that dismantle roadside bombs in Iraq. Their biggest gripe besides the long hours, extremely dangerous work and summer heat? No access to delicious bacon. So we decided to send them some Bacon Salt to put on their MRE’s (meals-ready-to-eat) and turned that into something called Operation Bacon Salt. So far, our products have been airlifted into Afghanistan, flown on Apache helicopters, and brought along on top secret missions. This initiative is still going strong, and if you live on a military base in the US, some of our products are likely stocked in your local commissary. Congrats to The Hurt Locker, and thanks to all our troops serving overseas. There will be some delicious meals cooking when you come home, including the ones in this week’s Weekly Bacon.


Baconnaise Coleslaw II

Ice Berg Lettuce Wedge with Bacon Bleu Cheese Dressing

Bacon Salt Pancakes

Bacon Ranch, Beef and Veggie Skewers

Bacon Ranch Pea Salad

Bacon Salt Pesto and Pesto Butter

Creole Smothered Steak (another great one from Deep South Dish)

Fouliyeh (fava bean and rice salad from Taste of Lebanon)


Happy cooking! Be sure to upload your own favorite recipes at, and share them on Facebook for all the world to see. If you get a featured recipe, you’ll get free stuff! Until next time.