Year: 2009

How to start a food company with $5,000

We get a lot of inquiries about starting a food company. It’s really great to see people that are really..

Baconnaise Recipe: BLT Dip with Baconnaise

We made this for a party the other day and served it with Frito’s Scoops. This can also be served..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Eggy in a Basket with Bacon Salt

One of our twitter peeps alerted us to this dish, which was featured in the movie V for Vendetta, and..

Bacon Salt and Baconnaise Recipe: Grilled Chicken Bacon Salad

This is an easy summer salad that includes grilled chicken breasts, fresh veggies and a delicious baconey-ranch dressing that infuses..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Grilled Asparagus with Bacon Salt

Get those grills fired up, this is a simple and healthy side dish with lots of flavor that could be..

Baconnaise Recipe: Turkey Burgers with Guaca-Bacon-Mole

Ah, turkey burgers. Not quite as good as a regular hamburger, but way healthier for you. The good news is..

Operation Bacon Salt Update – June 2009

We’ve been pretty busy around here in BaconLand, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve been ignoring our troops. Quite the..

Where’s Baconnaise?

We’ve been working hard to expand our distribution for Baconnaise. Here’s the most up to date list of retailers that..

Bacon Salt Recipe: Daveburgers

When summer comes rolling around, Christin (aka Bacon Wife) starts requesting my world famous Daveburgers. They’re simple to make but..

The joke’s on us (not literally)

When we launched our April Fool’s gag –¬†baconlube¬†– we thought “this will be funny in sort of an innocent yet..