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February 10, 2009


Will Armstrong

just to set the record straight this is on Mouse's left calf


it's totally real, it's my sister's leg. will is her boyfriend and i'm putting the bacon salt on him this weekend. they are weirdos, bacon salt is included in most things they do. they really love it, i saw a container that they bought on a tuesday, on a saturday and there was about a third left. they're crazy tattooed kids in love with their bacon salt. i hate bacon and i will even admit that the bacon salt is good. they put in in beer, if that tells you anything. :)

Will Bacon Armstrong

Strange. My name is also Will Armstrong. Stranger yet, but my middle name is Bacon. No, this is not a hoax either. I am William Bacon Armstrong... Jr. There are two of us.
Yes. I love bacon.

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