Bacon Salt Racer Takes Second at Daytona

As we’ve previously posted, we’re not quite able to afford our own NASCAR yet (the estimated cost on that sponsorship is supposedly $10-20 million). So to get our racing fix, we sponsored a sim racer, i.e. a computer generated but very realistic car. While we couldn’t attend the event or show up¬†in bacon costume, we did get to watch it online.

Incidentally, the Bacon Salt #6 vehicle got a little bit of a makeover and is now a racing truck (pic above). You can actually check out the archive of the race here(we could only watch in Internet Explorer, not Firefox) Рthe graphics and the whole experience are incredibly realistic. Which is great, because we can now say that we have a very REALISTIC fake racing car. Or truck. Which as far as we know makes us the only bacon-flavored anything to have one.

Congrats to our driver James Gutta who came in a very respectable 2nd! Keep up the great work, and please don’t dent the paint job.