Bacon Salt Mail Bag

We get some really amazing and inspirational emails from people around the world who have had Bacon Salt. They really keep us going on our never-ending quest to make everything taste like bacon. Here are a few of the highlights from the past week:

From a Bacon Salter in Arizona:
A good friend of mine introduced me to Bacon Salt this past weekend and all I could say after trying it was, “Where can I buy this…NOW!”  Thank you very much for such a wonderful spice that changes the way that people can eat food.

From Leslye and her beagle:

I couldn’t wait until I got home from the store to sample my very first bottle of Bacon Salt, so I cracked it open in the car and my beagle, who was traveling with me and who has a nose that should be registered with the FBI, immediately began snorting audibly and frantically dashing around the vehicle to detect the presence of the bacon stash that he was just sure that I was hiding from him. He still can’t find the bacon, but his mom has found a new favorite sandwich: The No B, LT. Yep, just like the ole favorite, but instead of greasy, drippy, piggy strips, just lots of Bacon Salt sprinkled on. Now I can have a BLT without having to wait for the bacon to cook, with far less calories, fat and expense, and no messy clean up. The taste is surprising identical.

From Tanya and Rick in Sacramento, CA:

I have been watching what I eat and have lost over 90 lbs, my husband has lost over 70 lbs. Bacon salt is kinka like cheating. I make bacon dip using fat free sour cream and cream cheese, we have bacon and egg sandwiches by using egg substitute seasoned with bacon salt, served on a whole wheat English muffin. Bacon salt goes on our veggie pizza, whole wheat pasta and it’s great on pop corn and grilled vegetables and veggie burgers.

We love you Justin and Dave J

Tanya and Rick

Sacramento CA


And from a Bacon Salter named Bill Hogan in Parts Unknown (as posted on this blog):

Before I discovered BACONSALT I was a hollowed sepulcher of humanity, aimless and searching. Now I have spring in my step, my hair is fuller, my complexion positively glows, women are all over me, I can even do the Argentinean Tango with a rose in my teeth and BACONSALT sprinkled on my manly broad shoulders. If I didn’t know better, I would think that ALGORE (one word now, like CHER) created it. Keep up the good work; I believe BACONSALT can solve the Planet crisis.

The last one was just a little extreme, but we’re happy that you feel that way Bill. Thanks again to everyone who sends us these little words of inspiration, we really do appreciate them!