Bacon Salt Blog Post of the Week

We tune into the blogosphere and even stream of consciousness tools like Twitter, and get to read some awesome and hilarious posts about Bacon Salt. So as a way to say thank you, we are starting a new feature here in bacon-land: the Bacon Salt Blog of the Week.

There were a lot of contenders this week’s blogosphere, including:

  • Just Joshing You’s finding religion because of Bacon Salt
  • I was told there would be bacon will probably win Bacon Salt Blog of the Week once she finds something in her house to try it on – hilarious!
  • Sire Says says it all
  • CNET hits us again with their post about the new and interesting looking Toast N Egg machine
  • This is an adventure loves Bacon Salt and America
  • Frangry gets Frhappy
  • Uncrate buries us in orders (thanks guys!)
  • Alx shows how much we appeal to Venezuelan/Spanish/American/Swiss (population 2)

But the hands down winner this week was If Done Right, who rang in with two posts – the first about his adventures in Bacon Salt (carried over from Twitter)  and the second to let the world know that we’ve redefined his “Top 5 What Was Life Like Before This List.” Also making his list of things that he can’t live without were:

  1. Internet Connectivity
  2. Tivo
  3. Hot Yoga
  4. Bacon Salt
  5. His king sized bed

John, thanks for the post, and we’ll be in touch very soon with a special gift from us to you – nothing that would make your top 5, but a token of our appreciation all the same.