Operation Bacon Salt update

Our sponsored troops for the month are the men and women of the 3/4 Weapons Company out of 29 Palms, CA (nicknamed the Thundering Third).  According to the very nice woman who contacted us – the girlfriend of one of the men stationed with them named Chris –

They are are currently stationed in a forward operating base with little access to any of the cushy mess halls found at many of the bases in Iraq.  For many of these men, this is the second and third deployment to the region and they have many months ahead of them before they return home to their loved ones again.

One of the things I miss most about having my boyfriend around is his awesome breakfast cuisine: fluffy eggs, crispy hashbrowns and, of course, thick slabs of bacon!!  As a former short order cook, Chris can knock out an AWESOME breakfast!  I know he and his fellow Devil Dogs would be forever grateful to be the receipients of one of your monthly barbeques.  Not only would it remind them of the comforts of home, but also remind them that they have not been forgotten even though they no longer dominate the nightly newscasts.

Chris – you should be getting your Bacon Salt as soon as the mail makes it out to you! We hope you enjoy it and that your MRE’s start tasting a LOT better than they are now.  And as always, THANKS for serving your country!