Bacon Salt at the National Restaurant Association show

We spent the last week at the National Restaurant Association show in Chicago. It was a fun mix of top chefs, restaurant owners and bacon freaks. Among the highlights for us:

– A woman with the tattoo on the left came by the booth. Needless to say, she loved Bacon Salt – and we loved her.
– A young chef who tried Bacon Salt said, “this is so good it makes me want to take my clothes off!” (fortunately, he didn’t)
– Getting top billing in the Chicago Tribune’s report from the NRA show. This caused a lot of my old friends in Chicago to spit up their morning coffee… rival Sun-Times also picked up the story.
– A nice mention on the 10 o’clock news on ABC affiliate WLS, channel 7 according to several who saw it.
– A great view from the John Hancock building’s 95th floor from the Signature room (which has to be the world’s highest and possibly most expensive bar)

You can view the pics here. You should start seeing Bacon Salt on the tables of many restaurants around