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October 01, 2007


Allan Gardyne

Hi Justin and Dave, BaconSalt SOUNDS absolutely wonderful, but I can't eat it. Why on earth did you put wheat in it? You're depriving every celiac and everyone who has gluten intolerance. Where I live, that's about 1% of the population. Please reconsider. If you do, you'll sell even more.


Allan - Thanks for your interest! We're actually working on a natural version that we're trying to keep wheat-free. We have your email address and will keep you posted!



Read the PC Gamer's Wonder Gear clip and just had to try your bacon salt. Received our assortment order yesterday and it's love at first bite...my son is already planning to try it on everything he eats! Great on pizza so far..cannot wait to try it on steak. Kudos! ~ From the Albertson family.

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