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July 20, 2007


jack mehoph

Found BS yesterday, ordered it today. Oh boy, have you got my hopes up. Planning on offering larger quantities?


Thanks for your order! You can always load up your shopping cart, and if we see that people are loading up regularly with lots of items, we'll put some promotions out there to buy in bulk.

Bacon Dude

One suggestion. I am really tempted to order some of your tasty sounding bacon salt, BUT...I am one of those zillions of people who like to have some idea of what they are ingesting! (Meaning I like to read the ingredients.) I suggest you add this to the web site so people feel more comfortable giving it a shot sight unseen. (Unless I missed it, in which case you might make it more prominent.) It should help increase your sales. And I assume it's made in the USA, unlike that funky banana gum I once tried that turned out to be made in China (where nothing is safe to eat). So put a little American flag up for all to see!

Good luck!


Suggestion noted - we'll work on getting ingredients up there soon, we promise. Our first thought was that we didn't want someone coming in and copying our formula if we could avoid it, but you're right, they should be on the site.

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