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July 17, 2007



Rock Chalk, Bacon Salt, KU!!!

Bill Walker

LOL!!! This stuff is great. I eat tons of popcorn, and the only popcorn gets better is with bacon. And with zero calories, I don't have to worry about the artery clogging effects of bacon. Thanks Bacon Salt!!! Toodles!!


This is the greatest thing to happen since the formation of galaxies
following the Big Bang.

Humanity's next phase of evolution has now officially begun.

Kansas alumnus


Rock Chalk. . . Bacon Salt . . . KU

gerry doyle

it's staggering to think how much better basketball season will be now that I can include bacon salt in my pregame meals. and my pregame cocktails. and my postgame cocktails.

truly, the world is a better place now that it can taste like bacon.



I would one star Hoopo, but there aren;t any ratings on this site. However, Bacon Salt will be much appreciated when it arrives and I want a ride on the bacon salt RV! one111one!!!!!!

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