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March 02, 2007



Canadian's just ham!

I was in Vancouver a few months ago, buying a slice of pizza when I saw a pizza labeled "bacon pizza". I was surprised that it was "American" bacon, not "Canadian" bacon. So I asked if they also made Canadian Bacon pizza, and they replied "You mean ham?". This was all very confusing.

So in America, bacon is bacon, Canadian bacon is ham, and ham is ham.

In Canada, bacon is bacon, ham is ham, and there is no Canadian bacon.

I think we should just get rid of "Canadian" bacon all together, as it seems like it was just made up to poke fun at Canadians.

Also, through my travels, I found that in South Africa, they call bacon "stripey bacon", and don't really like it because it's too thin. They like the traditional Irish (or English) Bacon. I won't argue with getting thicker bacon.

Personally, I do not discriminate when it comes to bacon. I like it all.

Chris Esch

Send me some baccon salt for all the Colorado boys to taste!

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